Adding Instagram to Your Web Marketing Strategy? Put these Tips into Action for the Best and Biggest Results 

Do you secretly love to take selfies? Good! As I explained last week, your photo-snapping past time can be put to good use when you add Instagram to your business’ web marketing strategy.

This week, I’ll share a few more ways you can and should use this social media platform to popularise your brand and bring more business to your door.

Instagram Hashtags and Small Business Marketing

Just when you thought those pound-sign-led terms couldn’t find their way into any other part of your life, Instagram gives them yet another place to call home. Utilise the power of the hashtag to draw attention to your brand’s profile by attaching industry-related or relevant tags to the visuals you share.

What’s an example of how hashtags can benefit your greater digital marketing effort? Tag the images you take at a major fundraiser so that anyone in attendance can easily locate your pictures and reconnect with you or your brand via your Instagram profile, after the fact.

A couple of things to keep in mind when choosing hashtags: Keep your tags as relevant and specific as possible. Doing so will not only make it easier for others to find your images, which is the goal if you’re using Instagram as a web marketing tool, but it will also allow you to discover other hashtags that you may not have even thought of but that are actually much more popular than your originals.

Video Shared via Instagram

Give a little juice—for free—to your small business marketing by taking short videos and sharing them on Instagram. You don’t need fancy equipment or an in-depth topic to record a video that could be a web marketing asset.

Take short videos where you or a staff member describes the exciting launch of an awesome new product, an upcoming special promotion or the grand opening of a new location. The sky is really the limit when it comes to topics and Instagram is the perfect place to keep existing and prospective clients informed and intrigued.

Create a Profile that Demands Attention

There are many ways to optimise your Instagram profile so that it’s an effective representation of, and web marketing platform for, your brand. Be sure to include the obvious items like your website’s URL and logo, as well as a good description of the goods or services you provide. The less-obvious but equally as effective things you can do are work your company’s logo into the photos you take, tag your customers in your pictures to keep the conversation flowing, and make use of the space for captions to reach out to or inform your clients.

It’s not difficult to see that the small business marketing tactics that are the most valuable are those that cost little or nothing and still have a big upside when it comes to the exposure they can offer. When you consider that Instagram requires such a small investment of time and yet it can be used to not only attract the attention of new clients and drive more prospects to your website, but is also a great way to keep existing customers engaged, including Instagram in your digital marketing strategy seems like a no-brainer.

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