In 2020, email marketing in Australian is strong- open rates remain high at 18.7%.

Email Direct Marketing, or EDM's have long been a staple ingredient in the marketing mix across all industries. So its a safe bet that most of your target audience access their emails at least a few times a week at the minimum- many of them rely heavily on their email for their work and personal communications So the key is personalisation. We have all received email marketing that sound like a Public Service Message- very general and mostly irrelevant. So when one arrives that is addressed to you, and feels like it is speaking to your needs and interests you are much more likely to take notice and read on. Thats where we start with every EDM campaign- getting personal!


40%of people liked receiving promotional e-mails from their favourite retails brands on a weekly basis.

Don't fatigue your client base with endless daily promo's, make sure you have well considered content- and time its delivery to be welcomed rather than ignored.


19%of people unsubscribe when brands are constantly trying to sell them something.

It’s actually in your benefit to prioritise blog posts, podcasts, tips, tutorials, videos, infographics, and other valuable content through email over promotional material.


59%of consumers say that email marketing influences their purchasing decisions.

timely communications can see your conversion rates soar!


56%of brands see higher open rates when they use emojis in their subject lines.

A simple thing such as adding a visual cue for emotion can dramatically increase the opportunity for your content to be viewed.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline, allowing companies to nurture prospects until they’re ready to buy.

Lead generation can be useful for any type or size of business, and for both B2C and B2B . 60% of marketers state that Lead Gen is a key pain point for their company. Determining a good lead is more complex than just targeting people who downloaded your brochure or white paper. There are a umber of key element and activities that we consider when developing a Lead Generation strategy:

Attact New Leads
Nurture quality leads
Engage your prospects
Delight your clients
Upsell/Cross sell strategies
Build sustainable referrals

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How can I be sure that Email Marketing will work for me?

You may have tried Email Marketing in recent times and found that it was hard to achieve success, so we get that you’ll be a little apprehensive about looking at it again. We get it.

The thing is, it should be a part of your marketing strategy as Email Marketing that is executed well is extremely profitable. Campaign Monitor- a leading EDM platform recently reported that Email Marketing can return up to $44 for every $1 spent.

The ROI is great and that’s what we look for as business owners, but don’t forget the unmeasurable value you receive from educating and nurturing your subscribers. With well executed Email Marketing campaigns you can turn your visitors into customers and these customers into loyal fans.

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  • We will show you how to craft a great Welcome Email and which we will explain why this will be the most important email that you’ll ever send.

  • Understand how important regular communication with your subscribers is and how to maintain frequency during the busy times.

  • Discover how Email Marketing has a lot more to offer than just a regular newsletter blast. Automation will be the next step on your EDM journey…

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