Whenever someone does a search in Google using the keyword terms that best describe your products and services, we’ll show an ad for your business, placing you in a GREAT position to earn more local business. Whether they’re using their mobile device or laptop, local customers won’t have the chance to overlook your brand!

Your Brand Will Be Where People Are Searching:

With our service at The SEO Company, your brand will be on the first pages of relevant searches. We utilize your Google adwords in a way that your brand comes up in the right conversations online. We also localize your keywords to ensure that you connect to the market around you.

More Leads for Your Business:

When your brand comes up in relevant searches you get more leads. More leads increase conversion rate which brings about profit maximization.

You Work with The Best Search Advertising Experts:

We have the best brains when it comes to search advertising at The SEO Company. When you choose to work with us, you have the best search advertising experts working around the clock to make your business an online success.

Our Paid Ad's team work solely on achieving great results.

We have a dedicated team whose sole focus is Google Ad management. As you will see below there is a lot of work involved in producing great results, so beware of agencies who dabble in Paid Ads as a side gig to their main products.

The SEO Co - Paid Ad Strategy

Research & Implementation

Once we’ve performed the deep keyword research, that will tell us exactly which keyword terms your business should be targeting, we’ll place carefully designed ads in all relevant search engines. It’s a breeze to get more of the locals who are looking for the goods and services you o er to email or phone you, when your brand is front and centre.

Campaign Management

Together, we’ll design and implement the advertising campaign that will place your brand in all the right places and give a boost to your site’s conversion rate. On an ongoing basis, our team will use specialised tools to review and adjust your campaign, ensuring that it continues to provide a steady return on your search advertising investment - conversions, not just clicks.

Monitoring & Reporting

With our online reporting dashboard, you can easily track your campaign to see how it performs on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, while we’ll use this data to continuously improve upon your campaign. Log on any time of the day or week to bring yourself up to speed.

We deliver relevant customers who are ready to buy now.

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