You know your landing page isn’t converting enough of your visitors into paying customers. Is it the style of writing you use? Your call to action? The colours or layout of the text and pictures? You need to make a change, but how do you know which changes will bring you the results you need and which ones will only produce fewer conversions than you’re receiving now?

Changing the content and/or layout on a website can be risky business, that is if you’re making those changes blindly. But, maintaining the look and functionality of a site that’s under-performing isn’t wise either. Your web strategy needs to include Conversion Rate Optimisation with tactics designed around concrete proof for what works–not shots in the dark.

Making Conversion Rate Optimisation a Driving Force of Your Online Strategy

If your site is failing to bring you new business, what’s the point in having an online presence? In many instances, when we start working with new clients, we see websites that function more like online brochures and less like lead and sales generation tools. With sites like these, a client’s decision to begin conversion rate optimisation can be the turning point in their online strategy.

What are some of the aspects of a site that should be analysed and potentially re-worked?

  • Calls to Action (CTA): your wording and the position of the CTA on the page matter, as well as the effectiveness of CTA buttons. Nine times out of 10, CTA buttons convert more effectively than CTA text links.
  • Headlines: are they clear? Do they entice people to read further down the page?
  • Contact Information: is your company phone number big and bold, right where customers can see it?
  • Colours: highlight a CTA, like a Buy Now Button, by making it a colour that will really ‘pop’ on the page.
  • Pictures: people are more trusting of companies when they can see the real live people who work there. Consider switching out the stock photos on your site for images of your employees, hard at work.
  • Live Chat: if this isn’t already a part of your web strategy, it should be. It’s easy to use and helps convert those site visitors who are less likely to pick up the phone to ask a question.
  • Include Client Testimonials: proudly display testimonials from your previous customers. Testimonials show new site visitors you’ve got a product or service that’s worthy of their money.

Now that you know some of the things you could change to improve your site’s conversion rate, discover how it is that you can make changes without taking the sort of trial and error approach that could cost you conversions, not boost them.

What is Split Testing?

Also referred to as A/B testing, split testing is a proven web strategy whereby, with the help of a special tool, you can split your site’s traffic between two different versions of a page and then measure which page is more effective when it comes to converting that traffic into new leads and sales.

So, for instance, if you suspect that your landing page’s lack of conversions is due to a weak CTA, you could create two new versions of this page, each with a different CTA. Then, the tool would split your traffic between the two versions and allow you to see and measure the effectiveness of one CTA over the other.

Improve Your Web Strategy the Right Way–Hire Experts to Help

You can, of course, do this testing on your own, but that will require time and a certain know-how that you may not have. Many digital marketing companies now offer split testing services as a part of a conversion rate optimisation package. The SEO Company, for instance, uses split testing on clients’ sites, in addition to other valuable conversion rate optimisation tools like heat maps, to measure a site’s effectiveness and to help a client design a web strategy that converts more site visitors into customers.

If you’re ready to improve your web strategy so that it’s capable of making you money, please call 1300 885 557 or email us here to learn more about our Conversion Rate Optimisation services.

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Paul heads up [g]commerce and The SEO Company, and is responsible for the overall management. Paul's experience extends from various roles in sales management for large domestic and international publishing firms, as well as global digital marketing companies.

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