Especially this year, it seems the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is something we should take note of, at least when it comes to planning our social media strategies. Trends in digital marketing have shown that rather than a thousand words, a picture may be worth a heck of a lot of followers or even leads when it’s shared through social media platforms. Infusing your web marketing with visuals so that the content you share in popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter include things like infographics, pictures or videos, could be the key to small business marketing success this year.

Using Visuals is a Web Marketing Trend in Motion

While the use of visuals in digital marketing has been growing in popularity, it seems this will be the year when those who take advantage of the trend and include more pictures, video and infographics in the content they share could position themselves well for success online. Just look at the way Instagram took the social media world by storm last year; everyone, everywhere was snapping pictures and sharing them, whether for personal or web marketing purposes.

Why Images are Effective

It’s a well-known fact that people engage on a higher level with images than they do straight text. Rather than spewing loads of digits that your followers will quickly forget, or skip over all together, an infographic is the way to imprint your message in a lasting, meaningful way. Sure, few small businesses will have the time or maybe the budget to create an infographic every time they want to share content that contains statistics, but even if you reserve the use of these images for the content you feel is most interesting and relevant to your social media followers, it’ll undoubtedly give your digital marketing efforts a leg-up over the competition.

Capitalise on the Power of Images

Put images to work in your web marketing strategy to not only drive home your content’s message but to also popularise your brand. When you take lots of pictures of the products or services you sell, your employees hard at work or the happy customers you serve, sharing them with your social followers could have a powerful effect.

Imagine you share a picture of your latest product with your Facebook followers; a super slick, custom graphic messenger bag. Those who follow you may feel compelled to Tweet out the picture to all their friends and followers who they know take an interest in custom clothing and accessories, too. Before you know it, the digital marketing for your latest creation has been done for you. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the orders to start pouring in.

Pinterest and Instagram are Great Platforms for Small Business Marketing

If you don’t yet have accounts with Instagram or Pinterest, it’s time you set these up. Pinterest, especially, is an amazing lead-generation tool. This social image sharing site also added a highly useful analytics tool for businesses, through which business owners can track and measure the success of their pins.

No matter your business’ niche, taking photos with a smart phone is a quick and easy way to promote your brand and generate more buzz around the products and services you offer.  Not only that, but interacting with followers in social media and presenting images of the people behind your brand builds trust and are two proven ways to generate more leads and sales.

Boost the success rate of your business’ web marketing efforts this year by incorporating visuals in anything and everything you share. While videos may take a little more time and planning than snapping a couple of quick pics with a smart phone, this is also a visual with powerful digital marketing potential.

For guidance on how to take your social media marketing to the next level with visuals, For more information on branding, or any other internet marketing query, please call 1300 885 557 or email us here.


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