“If you build it, they will come.” Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to drive more traffic and boost your site’s rankings was write and publish quality content? When we tell our clients, over and over, that they’ve got to be producing good quality content on a regular basis if they want a hope in hell of reaching those top spots in the search engine results, I sometimes think a general lack of search marketing knowledge prevents them from seeing the big picture and expectations are misinterpreted.

Yes, you’ve got to write information-packed blog posts and ensure your site has a wealth of good quality, relevant content, but it’s not enough to stop there. Successful search engine marketing is a carefully designed and executed, multifaceted approach. One of the most recent videos put out by Google’s Matt Cutts only supports this claim and demonstrates that without having a finger on the pulse of the search marketing world at all times, writing interesting blog posts or producing the odd video and just crossing your fingers won’t be enough to achieve the types of search marketing results you want and your business needs.

Cutts Explains how Google ‘Judges’ the Quality of Pages that Don’t Have Links

Even though some would still argue that link building is dead, the fact that Cutts recently explained that Google’s bots would have difficulty determining the quality of a page that didn’t have links demonstrates there is still a place for link building in search engine marketing. Yes, the old way of building a web of links to and from any site, no matter how dodgy is dead, but Google still relies on the  presence of links to determine a page’s relevancy for searches using specific terms.

Without links, Cutts explained, Google resorts to the keyword term(s) used in the copy, and the frequency with which those terms appears signifies whether or not the page is about a particular term. The problem, however, is that unless the terms you target, and those appearing in the link-less page of content, are actually being searched by someone, ranking number one for that word or phrase will mean squat.

Solution to the Link-less Page and Other Search Marketing Conundrums

While Cutts tries to explain that the solution for preventing pages without links from being utterly ignored by Google is to produce content on topics so original that your site will rank in first place for those terms by default alone, this type of search engine marketing approach will more than likely deliver little in the way of traffic and even less still in the way of targeted buyers.

Just think about it: Sure, a blog post on why koala shaped napkin rings would make a nice hostess gift might rank well for terms like ‘koala’ and ‘napkins,’ but I doubt few people are looking for such products or that the kid searching for information on koalas for his school project will find your kitchen supply store useful.

The solution to this quandary, which is a common challenge for new websites, is taking a multifaceted search engine marketing approach that includes the following:

  • the building of quality links, according to a natural link profile
  • careful keyword research
  • quality content that uses the right number of a specific set of keyword terms in order to convey a theme to Google, produced and published regularly
  • sharing content and interacting via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Still think you can take your site to the top without a search engine marketing strategy? Google and others have made it virtually impossible for people to take the ‘cross your fingers and wait’ approach, even if they try to claim that the way to rank well is to produce quality content and wait for the ‘flood’ of people who will naturally stumble upon the page.

If your business doesn’t have the luxury of waiting around or taking a chance, call us to learn more about the calculated search engine marketing strategy that will take you to the top.

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Paul Gregg

Paul heads up [g]commerce and The SEO Company, and is responsible for the overall management. Paul's experience extends from various roles in sales management for large domestic and international publishing firms, as well as global digital marketing companies.

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