I know, you’re probably cringing at the thought of adding yet another social media platform to your internet marketing repertoire. But, with this being the year that, according to many marketing gurus, visuals will be the key to improving marketing reach and effectiveness for small businesses everywhere, dedicating a bit of time each day or week to Instagram seems like a smart business move and a small sacrifice.

Instagram Rises Above Other Social Media Platforms and is Quickly Becoming an Internet Marketing Platform of Choice

While Facebook and Twitter used to be the favourite hangouts for younger demographics, Instagram continues to grow in popularity and presents a valuable internet marketing opportunity, particularly for those business owners who need to reach more people from a younger target market to succeed online.

The great thing about Instagram is, as the name implies, everything happens pretty quickly. This means that while sharing visuals with prospective customers here is an effective small business marketing tactic, it won’t take up a great deal of your time. In fact, it can be pretty fun!

There are, however, some tried and true ways to use Instagram effectively so that what you do share with the intention of popularising your brand or reaching new customers is capable of giving your business a leg-up over the competition.

Small Business Marketing via Instagram

Make note of these tips and add them to your internet marketing repertoire:

Getting Started:

  • Create your Instagram account and include a link to your business’ website as well as your company logo in the profile. You can also connect your account to your Facebook page so as to quickly and easily inform Facebook followers that they can find your business on Instagram, as well.
  • Check out the Instagram for Business blog for tips on how to best use the social media platform in your own small business marketing, as well as some real life examples of  how other businesses are successfully sharing images and marketing, simultaneously.

What to Share:

Half the battle of effectively incorporating Instagram into your small business marketing mix is knowing exactly what you should be sharing. The following will help guide your actions:

  • Like with any other social media platform, you can tick followers off pretty easily with blatant sales pitches. This being the case, mix up your sharing by including images your followers will find fun or interesting, in addition to those that somehow relate to your service offering.
  • Prospective customers want to see behind the scenes at your business or your employees at work. Share these types of images to earn their trust.
  • Don’t think that because you’re using Instagram for internet marketing that you’re restricted to sharing images of your products, services or employees. Instead, think of visuals that somehow relate to your brand or the philosophy you follow. A restaurant that uses local, organic ingredients in the meals they prepare might include images taken during trips to local farmers’ markets or crates of fresh produce and livestock at a local farm.
  • A highly effective way to use Instagram for small business marketing is to share images of your products being used in ways that might not be blatantly apparent to everyone. When people can see just how versatile a product is, or that it can be used to satisfy one of their own needs, they’ll be more likely to buy it.

Getting More Followers:

Like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the same rules apply when it comes to getting more people to follow you in Instagram; the sole reason you’re incorporating this platform into your internet marketing strategy–to reach more people online!

  • Follow others and, most importantly, be sure to follow back those who have already found and followed you; they’ve shown an interest in your brand, now convert them into your customer!
  • Be social! ‘Like’ your followers’ images and leave your comments. The more of an active participant you are, the more beneficial Instagram will be to your internet marketing efforts.
  • Put your brand in the middle of all the action online by creating an Instagram account and sharing visuals. Stay tuned next week for tips on how to effectively use Hashtags, sharing video and optimising your Instagram profile.

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