Every small business owner, no matter what industry they’re in, needs a content strategy that’s capable of driving traffic to their website and holding people’s attention long enough to convert new leads and sales. By creating and sharing content, you not only demonstrate to Google that you’re an authority in your niche, which benefits your site’s position in the search rankings, but it’s also a highly effective way to popularise your brand and pique prospective clients’ interest.

So what if your content strategy could include creating content that would not only boost the volume of traffic your site receives, but also earn your business an additional buck or two in the process? The solution is to create an eBook, either by writing it from scratch or re-purposing an article you previously wrote and shared via your blog, and to publish it through Kindle Direct Publishing in Amazon.

Amazon is one of the most frequently searched and/or visited sites on the web, today. If people world-wide are searching and browsing in Amazon, getting an eBook that contains links to your business’ site and is branded with your company logo is a pretty smart business move, don’t you think?

If this multipurpose internet advertising tactic interests you, read on.

Adding an eBook to Your Content Strategy

It’s really quite easy to publish a book with Kindle Direct Publishing. All you need is a Word doc that’s free from charts or other images that won’t display well, and to make sure the text is written in a plain font.

Of course, it won’t benefit your content strategy if you choose to publish an eBook on a bloody boring topic that nobody wants to read. Choose a topic that will be helpful and of interest to the people in your target market.

It may be worth your while to find someone who can create a cover for your book, as a professional looking cover will undoubtedly attract more attention than a listing for a book without a cover. Enlist your graphic savvy friends or find someone who can do it for you on the cheap, in a place like oDesk.

Internet Advertising, Effectively and Efficiently

The great thing about publishing an eBook is that you have the opportunity to really popularise your brand–just think about the number of people who use Amazon! To really optimise your use of this internet advertising tactic, be sure to brand out your book with your company’s logo. Then, make it a double-whammy by inserting hyperlinks to your business’ site; people who buy and read your eBook can click through to your site if they’re intrigued to learn more about the company or person behind the book.

To Charge or Not to Charge

If you’ve got a great topic and you want to make a little extra cash while using this content strategy to fulfill the much larger purpose of driving more traffic to your site and boosting your search rankings, you will want to use Kindle Direct Publishing, where the lowest price you can charge for an eBook is 99 cents. Sometimes, however, business owners decide to publish an article that they previously shared on their blog and are hoping to squeeze out a few more internet advertising kilometres, but don’t want to charge money for something that others have already seen and read for free. For this, you can first publish your eBook in Amazon and then use a site like Smashwords, which allows you to place a $0 price tag on an eBook, and then report the lower price to Amazon, who may or may not lower their selling price to match the competitor.  But, really, whether you decide to publish an eBook entirely for branding and internet advertising purposes, or you want to make a few extra dollars, charging 99 cents for something that could be of great value to a person isn’t worth worrying about.

Designing and implementing an effective content strategy takes time and skill, but doing so will prove to Google and prospective customers that you are an authority that’s worthy of their attention. So take a little time and publish an eBook that’s capable of going the distance for your business.

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Paul Gregg

Paul heads up [g]commerce and The SEO Company, and is responsible for the overall management. Paul's experience extends from various roles in sales management for large domestic and international publishing firms, as well as global digital marketing companies.

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