Ask any marketing consultants whose specialty is internet-based marketing and they’ll tell you Facebook is a great no-cost, or at the very least low-cost, way to advertise your brand. If a small business with an even smaller marketing budget has the opportunity to tap into literally tens of thousands, maybe even millions, of people on the internet via their Facebook page, for free, that’s an amazing thing. The catch? You’ve only got about 2.5 hours to reach as many people as you can.

According to the American Facebook analytics group, WiseMetrics, 75% of the potential reach for any Facebook post is achieved in just 2 hours. Adding to this internet marketing analysis, WiseMetrics also found that 75% of total engagement occurs in the first 5 hours and 75% of the total impressions you’re going to make from one post on your profile will take place in 2.5 hours. What about a business’ prospects for reaching a global audience? In just 30 short minutes, 50% of the total global reach will have already taken place.

Refining Your Marketing Strategy for Facebook—Make it Count!

What does this mean for your small business and your internet marketing strategy? You had better make those Facebook posts as interesting and informative as you possibly can and commit yourself to posting as regularly as possible, or else have marketing consultants like ourselves hook you up with a powerful feed that will automatically post to your Facebook page from your blog (call us to learn more!).

What it Means for Your Small Business

So your aim is obviously to reach as many people as you possibly can in the amount of time WiseMetrics says you have before your ability to do so with your content drops off into the abyss. Any marketing consultants that are worth their weight will tell you that writing posts that speak to your potential customers’ pain points is the best way to not only get them reading but also clicking through the pages of your internet offering. Our content consultants would tell you to start with your business’ list of frequently asked questions and to brainstorm post ideas directly around those main questions and concerns. Hopefully, your posts will generate conversation which you can use to engage your prospects further with follow up posts and discussion questions.

Analysis is Key for Future Internet Marketing Success

Follow the above steps each day for at least two weeks, preferably a month. After your trial period, look back over what it is that you achieved; did your post on pre-winter boat maintenance generate more conversation and reach more people than your post about tips for travelling on a boat with kids? What does this tell you about your readers and how can this direct your future content and marketing efforts on Facebook?

Just about everything moves faster on the internet and your marketing efforts had better keep up. In the future, every time you create a post for your business’ Facebook page, remember that the clock is ticking and that you need to make the biggest impact you can, straight away.

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