Generally speaking, people are impatient. While there may be a select few who are content plodding away, diligently carrying out their everyday tasks while quietly waiting for their just rewards, most of us are more of the ‘give-it-to-me-now’ breed. Now that’s all well and good, but allowing impatience to get the better of you while at the same time ignoring this common human characteristic when designing and implementing the small business marketing tactics that are necessary if you want to compete on the web, can be detrimental on a number of fronts.

Acknowledge Your Impatience When it Comes to Marketing on the Web—then Deal with It 

I’d be lying if I said there were only a small number of web marketing clients who let their impatience get the better of them and pulled the plug on what promised to be a totally successful SEO or internet marketing campaign, before it had time to reach its full potential.

It takes time to for any online marketing campaign to boost web rankings, to crank up the volume of web traffic to your site and to increase the amount of money in your pocket. A web marketing campaign that will produce the type of highly targeted traffic and sustained growth your small business needs takes even longer. SEO and internet marketing are more of a marathon, not a sprint, and only those who can bridle their impatience and pace themselves for the long-haul will become the web heroes and heroines of tomorrow.

Still, Thinking like Your Impatient Web Visitor Will Win Your Small Business Favours Online

It’s one thing to not let your own impatience for bigger and better traffic and conversions to get the best of you and to make the type of rash decision we’ve seen all too often in the past, but it’s another to ignore the ‘impatience’ factor when laying out your site and designing your marketing plan of action. I’ve gone over this time and time again, but I can’t stress it enough: if your site isn’t clearly laid out and your web visitor, no matter how keen, can’t find what they want or need—straight away—you’re going to lose their business. By catering to your impatient visitors with a clean and clear design, obvious calls to action and concise copy, you will feed their need for instant gratification.

“So What’s it Going to Take to Get My Business to the Top?”

Cool your jets, mate, I’m getting there! All joking aside, if you want your business to become a major contender on the web you’re gonna need to grin and bare it for a bit. There will be good days and bad, as far as your rankings are concerned, but trust your SEO and/or internet marketing provider to do what they know best, and give them the time that’s needed to guide your business’ website through the turbulence so that it can claim its just reward—a position at the top and the traffic and conversions that go with it!

If you’re looking for a skilled team to design and implement a customised web marketing plan on your business’ behalf, or you’re a current client who would like to know more about how you can check your business’ rankings as incessantly as you’d like,Get in touch with The SEO Company on 1300 885 557 or email us here . Patience—give it a burl. You might like what you discover.



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Paul heads up [g]commerce and The SEO Company, and is responsible for the overall management. Paul's experience extends from various roles in sales management for large domestic and international publishing firms, as well as global digital marketing companies.

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