Despite the fact that Pinterest has accrued tens of millions of users in just a few short years, many large and small business owners are still missing out on the big opportunity that this social media platform offers. When it comes to internet marketing, every business, but especially small businesses, need to take advantage of any and all free opportunities for promoting their brand or the products and services they offer. Interacting on Pinterest is a wise business decision, as statistics show that the people who learn about a particular product through a recommendation on Pinterest spend more money than people who find out about a good or service from another source.

There are, however, some things to keep in mind when designing an internet marketing strategy that includes Pinterest. Like, for instance, the fact that 80% of Pinterest users are women. Keep facts like these and the following in mind to make this social media site a useful addition to your marketing plan:

The Same Rules Apply in this Area of Internet Marketing: Fresh Content is Key

In order for a small or large business like your own to successfully promote itself via Pinterest, you’ve got to make an effort to add fresh content, much like you do on your site’s blog. With Pinterest, however, fresh content can include images, recipes, how-to’s and videos, to name a few examples. It isn’t enough to just interact through Pinterest, by pinning others’ content, you need to draw attention back to your own brand with creative pins that feed users’ (p)interest.

Using Popular Pins to Your Advantage is a Smart Marketing Strategy

When determining which images or ‘pins’ to add on behalf of your business, choose ones that relate to those currently trending on Pinterest. If, for instance, people are obsessively pinning recipes for Christmas baking, it might be a smart marketing move to add images of your small business’ line of handmade aprons and oven mitts in festive fabrics. Blatantly marketing your business won’t win you any favours with Pinterest, but relating your business’ offering to popular pins will help you attract the followers you want and need.

This is just a small summary of some of the ways you can and should be using Pinterest in your internet marketing campaign. When done properly, business owners enjoy a nearly endless supply of new leads and sales. To learn more about this social media platform or any other large or small business marketing tactics, Get in touch with The SEO Company on 1300 885 557 or email us here


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