It’s true. In fact, according to this information from Wikipedia, the number of mobile devices in Australia already outnumbers our country’s population. Now, I know I’ve flogged this horse to death, but if your web strategy doesn’t already include a plan for how you will accommodate the searches people do via mobile devices, these statistics should be a wake-up call. When people search on the web for goods and services they want to buy via their smart phones and tablets, everything they do is different from when they’re using their laptops and desktops. Thinking your digital marketing strategy is capable of keeping up as it stands now, designed and executed in a way that will only please laptop and desktop users, is a little naïve to say the least. Only those with a strategy that’s perfectly tuned for mobile will succeed in 2014 and beyond.

Keyword Research with a New Focus Could Give a Boost to Your Digital Marketing

Now, I’ve talked in the past about how you need a different strategy for keywords that are used to target laptop or desktop searchers and those that target mobile users, but this is a point worth reiterating. People use very different keyword phrases when they type a search from their laptop versus when they speak a search into their smart phone. The key to digital marketing success, here, is to discover the set of thematic keyword terms that’s capable of delivering both mobile and desktop/laptop searchers. If you’ve been working from a list of keyword terms you yourself came up with, the luck you’ve had generating leads in the past is about to run out. It’s time to invest a little money in professional keyword research and a list of keyword terms that compliments your web strategy perfectly and is capable of keeping up with current trends in mobile search.

Determine Which Types of Content Converts Best for Which Devices

Depending on the type of device a searcher uses when they discover your business on the web, some types of content will more successfully capture their attention and prompt them to take action than others. While a mobile user isn’t likely to read the free eBook you wrote, they are likely to watch a short video where you describe how your product or service works, or read short customer testimonials that rave about how awesome your latest product is.

In an age when the number of mobile device users is growing by leaps and bounds, using Analytics and other tools to determine which types of content are most successful at converting mobile traffic and laptop/desktop traffic into customers is crucial. We at The SEO Company, for instance, can use a heat map tool that shows us where users click and how they interact with the content on our clients’ sites.

With a little research and analysis, you will be better equipped to tailor your digital marketing and content strategy for best results on both your regular website and your mobile-friendly site. If you haven’t the knowledge to understand or put what it is that you discover via these tools into action in your web strategy, your SEO or internet marketing provider should be able to help.

Give your business the best chance for success in 2014 with a web strategy that includes mobile. If you have yet to make your site mobile-friendly, consider that a small investment now could pay you back in a big way as mobile devices continue to become the preferred search device for your target market. Combine an updated, mobile-friendly site with a web strategy and content plan that takes into consideration the keyword terms both mobile and laptop/desktop searchers use and the types of content they’re most likely to appreciate, and you will be laughing all the way to the bank in 2024.

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