If You’re Trying to Drum Up Business on the Web, Make Your Marketing More Emotional

No, I’m not saying you should beg people to buy your products or services or tell them that without their business your small business will never succeed (even if it’s true), but rather, frame your web marketing, and especially the content you create, around emotions. There are at least 50 different emotions that you can cater to in your content and framing whatever you write on the web so that it taps into these common emotions is one of the best ways to make your marketing more relevant and, therefore, more effective.

Choosing Which Emotions to Use in Your Small Business Marketing

When you sit down and start thinking about the various pain points your business can address for people, it’s actually pretty easy to identify the emotions that are most relevant for use in your web marketing. Say your dental clinic wants to earn more teeth whitening business. What pain points might your teeth whitening services solve for prospective customers and what are the types of emotions that are likely involved? People typically seek out teeth whitening because they want to improve their smiles by making their teeth whiter. This might be driven by feelings of embarrassment, insecurity or shame if the prospective customer’s teeth are stained. Or, maybe your dental clinic wants to attract more business from people who wish to be sedated when they visit the dentist, and the likely emotions here are fear and/or discomfort.

Once you start brainstorming, you will likely see your small list of blog topics or how-to’s grow exponentially as the various emotions your business can address makes way for tonnes of content ideas.

Don’t Feel Guilty: You’re Not Toying with People’s Emotions but Providing them With the Solutions they’re Looking for

When business owners are coming up with their web marketing strategies or new ideas for content, they tend to shy away from addressing emotions straight on. This is often because people feel guilty, like they shouldn’t target another’s fear or embarrassment in an effort to make money. Sure, it may feel a little uncomfortable (those are your emotions talking!), especially when you’re talking about death or pain, but you can look at it in another, more positive way, being you’re helping them find answers to whatever it is that’s driving their emotions. We all want to avoid those emotions that make us feel bad, and maybe you’re business has a great solution for one or dozens of those different feelings.

The Bolder the Better

While you don’t want to be tasteful and risk turning people off of your business, you should be bold when you’re writing with emotion in mind—tell ’em straight and say it loud! If, for instance, you’re marketing your company’s stretch mark eraser cream, tell your target market exactly what the cream will do for them, emotions-wise: ‘End Your Insecurity & Anxiety this Bathing Suit Season. We’ll Tell You How.’ People aren’t put off by such blatant emotion targeting but are relieved to learn that A) they’re not the only ones feeling that way and B) there’s a solution to end their angst, fear, sadness, or whatever. Headlines like this and content that’s framed around specific emotions attracts attention and is powerful in as far as marketing on the web is concerned.

When You’re Feeling Frustrated, Scared or Confused by What it Takes to Market a Small Business Successfully on the Web, Entrust Experts with the Task

If the thought of writing something that could potentially be seen by hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people on the web has you feeling anxious, get in touch with us. When it comes to web marketing, we’re confident we know what it will take for your small business to succeed. In fact, we’re excited by the thought of showing you just how big your business can be! Okay, okay. Jokes aside, Get in touch with The SEO Company on 1300 885 557 or email us here .

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