I know, I know; just about every other day, I tell you about something else you should be doing to help your business out on the internet. While it’s no secret that successful internet marketing requires a whole host of different tactics, one very important, and yet often overlooked, marketing strategy is video chat via Google+ Hangouts.

Why Will Your Business Benefit from Using this Web Tool?

One of the themes found in many of my discussions about marketing on the web is the importance of presenting a human side for your business. Even if your business operates off the internet too, via a brick and mortar store, your ability to convert web visitors into your business’ customers depends on you properly humanising your brand. People are leery of shopping on the internet—if they can’t see it, or the people who are behind it, how do they know it isn’t a scam?

A relatively easy, free and proven way to reach out to your web visitors and potential customers is to use video chat, via Google+ Hangouts. If you have a business with an internet presence but you have yet to set up a Google+ account, it’s time you did.  Here’s what you can do—and why you should do it—with Google+ Hangouts:

Convinces Web Visitors to Be Your Customers

People love social media and hosting a Google+ Hangout is just one more way to interact with others on the internet. While those interested in your internet offering will be impressed and intrigued by your use of video as a way to share information with them, they won’t realise that with every minute that goes by during your video chat, your subtle marketing tactics are inching them one step closer to taking action and buying your products and services.

It’s a Great Way to Address Concerns and/or Complaints

Show your customers that you value their business by accepting and addressing any criticisms during a session in Google+ Hangouts. Speaking directly to what it is that was concerning and outlining the steps you will take to remedy the situation is a great way to show web visitors and existing customers that you may not be perfect but you’re working hard to satisfy your customers and want to make your business a success.

It’s Yet Another Way to Put a Check in the Right Column with Google

Hosting Hangouts and chatting with your web visitors or existing customers is a great way to establish yourself as a leading authority in your industry, on the internet. The more people are talking about you, the better it is for your rankings with Google. While you could use Skype to chat with potential or existing customers, why not use the tool that ol’ Google itself created? Can’t hurt, right?! What’s more is that if you host an awesome hangout that’s informative and interactive, those who attended are sure to boast about your business to others via different forms of social media, all of which will benefit your business’ presence on the web.

If you don’t already have a Google+ account, set one up now. Then, let people know you’re hosting a hangout and pick a great introductory topic or session idea—get people excited to tune in for future Hangouts!

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