You’ve spent weeks researching and writing a new piece of content that you know will be extremely valuable to people searching the internet for the types of products, services or knowledge you have to offer. With all of the time you put in to creating this content masterpiece, however, you’ve given no thought to advertising.

Far too often, people invest a great deal of time, energy and maybe even money into their content only to be totally disappointed by the low number of page views, likes and shares they receive. Nothing is more devastating than polishing off an e-Book you know people will find useful and that’s capable of driving a lot of new traffic, leads and sales to your site only to have your significant other and friends as the only people to actually find or read it. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to stop wasting time and to give some serious thought as to how your content strategy and internet advertising campaign can and should be working together.

Here are some things you will need to keep in mind:

Spend as Much Time Promoting Your Content as You Spent Creating It

It may seem extreme, but it’s true; if you spent 5 hours writing a piece on something related to your business or industry, you should spend about 5 hours advertising that content through the channels that are available to you on the internet. Whether your strategy for advertising your latest content includes using social media like Facebook and Twitter, posting a reference to it in LinkedIn or sending an email to your list of subscribers, you’ve got to tell people where they can find your new article, e-Book or how-to. Otherwise, how will they even know it exists? You also need to tell them, clearly, why it is that they should take time out of their day to read it. What’s in it for them?

Consider Paid Advertising for Content You Feel is Valuable

Paid advertising may not be a strategy that’s even financially possible for every business, but if you’ve got content you think is worthy of the extra boost paid advertising can provide, this may be something to consider. In Facebook, for instance, there are ways to advertise your content for a fee and the options that allow you to refine your target audience are valuable.

The Message You Use to Promote Your Content Counts

Instead of sending out the same message across every social platform, customise your messages so they appeal to the type of audience most likely to read it in each social site. When people see you’ve taken the time to write a personalised message, alerting them to content you feel they may find useful or valuable, they will be more inclined to read it. Writing “Hey, check this out” and adding a link to the page isn’t going to convince people that what you’re advertising is worthy of their time.

Make it as Easy as Possible for People to Share the Content You Publish

This may seem obvious, but few people put it into practice. Share buttons that are buried or non-existent won’t encourage readers to send your content on to a friend. What ever advertising method you choose, whether it’s social media, email or paid, be sure to include share buttons every place it makes sense.

The next time you sit down to come up with something new in the way of content, give some thought as to how you will go about promoting it to your current and prospective readers or customers. Why put in the effort if you’re not going to get the maximum result, right?

If you’re at a loss for how or what to publish, contact The SEO Company on 1300 885 557 or email us here cont. We’ll help you develop a rock solid content strategy.

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