Take Note of these Findings & Achieve More Conversions with this Internet Marketing Tactic

Sending details about promotions, new products or any other company news can be a very effective way to convert your mailing list subscribers into paying customers. While email marketing is capable of producing results for any business on the web, sending your internet marketing materials out at the wrong time or day of the week can make the difference between marketing effectively and generating results and just plain wasting your time and money.

A recent study performed by U.S. based Retention Science provides business owners interested in stepping up the conversion rate of their internet marketing efforts with valuable information, including the days of the week when people are most likely to make purchases on the web and what time of day email marketing is most likely to get readers to take action.

In the web marketing study, which was based on information gathered from 100 million internet transactions and 100 email campaigns, among other data, researchers found that Tuesday and Friday afternoons and evenings were the best time to send out marketing materials to email subscribers, while Saturdays and mornings were the worst. Interestingly enough, however, Retention Science also found that most of the email campaigns they considered were sending out their marketing materials and other promotions in the mornings, when people were far less likely to make purchases.

When you think about it, the study’s findings make sense: Many people open their email before or when they first arrive at work, but may decide they don’t have time to check out a business’ special web offer in any detail, at that moment. They may intend to go back to the email marketing material later in the day or evening, when they’ve got more time, but instead they forget about it all together. Planning to do your web marketing on the weekends makes even less sense because people are busy on weekends and may be less likely to be in front of their computers or tablets.

What are the Most Effective Offers to Make Via Email Marketing?

Any business owner that is currently or plans to use email promotions as a tactic in their internet marketing campaign should take note of the fact that Retention Science found free shipping offers were two times more likely to convert than those offering a price reduction. Knowing what it is that you should include in your web promotions if you hope to entice the greatest number of people to buy takes most of the guess work out of what can be a very effective internet marketing tool, when used properly.

A New Email Campaign Presents a BIG Opportunity

If you’re getting ready to launch a new email marketing campaign, keep in mind that the study showed the first two weeks after a person subscribes is the best time to make them your customers. After this period of time, it becomes more and more difficult to entice people to buy via email promotions, so make the most of this opportunity!

Sending promotions via email can be a valuable internet marketing tactic that requires little time and money. With this new knowledge under your belt, you will be better positioned to ensure every email promotion you send has the best chance of converting your subscribers.

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